"Our History - The Heart of Gastrobar Bassoa".

"Love, Taste and Passion: The Spark that Bassoa Created".

In the vibrant and sunny neighbourhood of La Malagueta (Malaga), two souls crossed paths and shared an instant that would change their lives forever. Both cooking lovers, each with a spark in their eyes, knew they were destined to create something exceptional. That meeting was not only the birth of a love, but also the beginning of Gastrobar Bassoa, a restaurant where food is not only nutrition, but an artistic expression, an experience that connects people.

Since that day in La Malagueta (Málaga), María and Juanjo have poured their passion, dedication and love for cooking into every corner of Bassoa. Inspired by the freshness of local ingredients, the richness of Spanish flavours and constant innovation, Bassoa represents not just a gastrobar, but a destination where every visit is an adventure, every dish is a story and every taste is a lasting memory.

Bassoa is not just a business for us; it is our dream come true, a space that symbolises our journey together. From the open kitchen, where the magic takes place, to the last detail of the interior design, every element of Bassoa has been carefully chosen to reflect our vision: to provide an unparalleled dining experience that delights, inspires and, above all, brings people together, just as we came together that day in La Malagueta.

We invite you to be part of our history, to taste the passion and live the Bassoa experience. Because here, every customer is family, every dinner is a celebration of life and love, and every flavour is a tribute to the meeting of two lovers in La Malagueta who dreamed of sharing their love of gastronomy with the world.